UX/UI Designer, co-founder of CTDL
More than 5 years of collaboration. The company is focused on developing project management at universities and large corporations in the country.
for WINbd Company
Make a website and branding the event space
The brand was based on the idea of "digital" Peter I - this intersects with the theme of the Congress and visually informs users that the event will be held in Russia
Congress booklet for inviting foreign participants - with a phrase in Russian and a story about St. Petersburg
To create a website for advertising the services of a partner - an integrator of industrial robots
After looking at a dozen sites of competitors, they decided to stand out - to make the site on a gray corporate background with a bright yellow accent. The structure and presentation of information was kept in a stereotyped way - because the target audience got used to it.
This was a new and difficult topic for me, so we spent about 5 long and detailed skype calls with the customer.
I myself suggested what to put on the website and the client advised which images could illustrate this
We added everything the client had: 3D models, photos of the team and robotic installations
ROI calculator
Little thing that we're proud of — an interactive form that calculates how long it takes the investment to start generating the revenue

Make a promo website for the conference
We decided to choose bright modern colors to emphasize the modern theme of the forum - the digital era - which is not complete without programming:// This was the basis for the event's identity.
The style is based on programming and browsers
In a short time, we prepared promotional materials for targeting for different formats
Make a promo website for an affiliate conference
We took a rotating globe as a visual basis, since the subject is international trends in the development of universities
Posters for Business Standup
Brand Identity for WIN Corp
Smart vacation
Landing pages for the company's annual holiday trip
Each time we make up a page that is simple in design, but we focus on the content: what the location looks like, what we will eat and how to relax
Show food in any unclear situation
My little pride - I myself connected and configured Yandex Checkout for ticket sales
Another projects
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