UX/UI Designer, co-founder of CTDL
My principles
Hello! There are several rules I follow to get things right.
First I need to understand the problem
It often happens that a client comes up with one task, and in the conversation it turns out that something else is needed or we need to do to differently. To avoid misunderstanding before starting to work, we spend about an hour to understand what problem needs to be solved in reality.
For example, a company throws off a presentation and says, "Make a website based on it." We ask: "Who is your clients? What questions do they have? What is the purpose of the site?" And together we find out that it is better not to make a single website with a vague message from the presentation, but three different sites for each target audience.
Then in the subject area
The next important part of the work is the client's business area. How things work, what users pay for, what the industry looks like, what colors and symbols are common in the area.
Therefore, I communicate with the client and make my own research: for integrators of industrial robots - what is a production robot and in which cases it is needed; for an educational platform - which features the market leaders have and how users make a desertion to purchase.
It may not work after the first try
The first version may be completely different from what the client expected. This is fine, because I show the first concept as early as possible so that we have time to redo snd improve.
I'm on your side
I know that business is difficult. Often, due to external constraints, it is impossible to start a project on time, or vice versa - the deadlines are very tight and everything is on fire. This is fine, we can deal with that - sacrifice some of the functionality to be in time for release or take a pause for a month. The main thing is to honestly warn each other about the changing conditions.
Mutual responsibility
Project development is a thing that requires both parties to be involved. You need me to design, I need your feedback and materials. I am always on your side - so communication and project activities are easy to establish.
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